45 minutes of fireplace footage with Nick Offerman

I guess you remember those videos and screensavers with hours of fireplace footage in different restaurants, bars or other places? Especially at Christmas time? Like they would make the atmosphere more cozy and give you a Christmas feeling?  Or maybe the reason is that you can watch fire without the fear of setting yout own house on fire.

Although you may not want to see those fireplace videos for a long time (like until next Christmas), then think again. Would you accept as an added bonus the fact that you can celebrate Christmas by watching Nick Offerman sitting in an armchair for 45 minutes and drinking Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch?

This ad is brilliant.
First of all –  because it does not seem like an ad. Would you ever consider as an advertisement a 45 minute long video? Especially the one with no conversation or other particular sound whatsoever?

Second – it is a pretty ironic video when it comes to all the fireplace video fans. Those of us who don’t live in Nordic winter wonderlands or do not have fireplaces in our apartments/houses might really consider using fireplace videos to create an artificial “winter feeling” or “Christmas feeling”. But here we basically have the same thing except as a bonus we can enjoy the presence of a bearded guy who just looks at you and drinks a glass of whiskey.


Third –  this bearded guy is not a random guy from the neighbourhood, but the actor who portrayed a famous fictional character Ron Swanson from the television series “Parks and Recreations”. Swanson has a masculine personality and dislikes the government, is really superironic and tries to make his employer (city hall) less effective. Besides that Swanson loves woodworking,  hunting, meat, and a whisky called Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch.

Fourth –  this Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch is the favourite whisky of the actor Nick Offerman. Offerman had the option to give his input into the Swanson’s character and some characteristic features of Offerman were added to the characther Swanson – like the love for woodwork and for the 16-year-old Lagavulin Single Malt Scotch. If ou could pick one actor to sell your own whiskey, who wouldn’t want to choose Offerman?

The British multinational alcoholic beverages company Diageo has done wonderful work. Diageo partnered with an actor and scotch enthusiast Nick Offerman to produce genuine content called My Tales of Whisky. Offerman does not need to do anything too complicated, he can be himself and advertise the whiskeys in a pleasant and natural way. The video “Nick Offerman’s ‘Yule Log'” has more than 2 million views and soon it will be 3 million viewers.

I would say that Lagavulin Scotch came up with one of the best whiskey ads ever.

I would strongly recommend showing this video on repeat mode during Christmas instead of these regular fireplace footages. Because this video is a real holiday classic. Nothing can ruin the holiday magic as you just do not have to exchance any words at all. As they say:  it is a true friendship when friends can be in silence and they do not have to say a single word. When the silence between two friends is comfortable.

Idea of the Day: When having a splendid idea, use celebrities in your ads who like your product anyway.

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