Monopoly vs real life

Have a guess, which is one of the most frustrating, but nevertheless one of the most famous board games in the world? Yes, it is Monopoly. Hasbro, the maker of the board game, says that Monopoly is the most populaar board game brand. Although most of the Monopoly commercials and advertisements do not surprise you at all, then sometimes it is possible to find real pearls in the advertising history. Here I will introduce you some nice work made for the Spanish audience.

To wrap up the game for those who have never played it before: every player tries to own all the properties so that they would have a monopoly over the board and the other players have to pay you basically anywhere they land. So that in the end there can be only one seller in the market. Although Monopoly is considered to be a game of strategy, then luck plays a big role in the game. Besides that the ending of the game is a real agony as you know on half way who is going to win.


Monopoly is not one of the best (actually, far from it), but undeniably on of the most famous board games in the world. Maybe a hundred years ago it might have been one of the best, but not any more – time has moved on and we know many more versatile games.

We have to give some credit too – Monopoly has been on sale for more than a century and this can only be thanks to successful business model and marketing. Today we know a huge amount of Monopoly editions – beginning with real estate and most known brands business ending with Angry Birds, Star Wars and Sponge Bob Monopoly board games.

In general the Monopoly advertisements are simplistic and childish (like this:, and oriented for kids. But still – there are some masterpieces here and there.

Here you can see couple of Spanish commercials where some essential elements of the game (eviction and prison) have been brought to real life. Just imagine the situation where you watch TV and in the middle of the cat food and washing up liquid advertisements you will commercials like this.

Monopoly commercial – Prison
Made: 2004, Spain

Monopoly commercial – Eviction
Made: 2004, Spain


Idea of the Day: Bring the elements of your product or service to real life.