Public transportation is all you need

How to make public transportation popular? Nothing too complicated with that. Just show that a ride with a regional bus company is the most awesome thing ever.

This is exactly what a Danish company Midttrafik did in the year 2012. So how can a bus ride give you such an experience that you would basically forget yourself?
First of all – the bus driver shouldn’t be a regular bloke, but the driver should be cool. Then you should have seats, and preferably comfortable. Then the bus should enable you to look out of the window, but not only. A magnificent bus rides includes gigantic panorama windows with a fantastic view!

A cool bus also includes “designer bells with cool functions”, which in a less elegant wording means that if you want the bus to make a stop in the next stop, you can push the “Stop” button. In a cool bus you will appreciate the fact that on a sharp curve or on a bumpy road the handles are for free. And of course, cool buses have their own lane. That’s all you need.

Screenshot from the commercial “Midttrafik – The Bus”.

A totally mindblowing fact is that Midtrafik buses are big and long. And another unbelievable fact is that the bus also drives at night.

In an industry like public transportation the user experience is never too good, but this Sus commercial makes you feel that a bus ride that Midtrafik can give you will make you feel really special.

To sum up: a bus ride with public transportation has never been cooler than with Midtrafik.

Idea of the Day: Find out the most basic or even banal positive sides of the product or service and show them with a sense of humour!